Refresh Yourself

Today, as never before, it is important to be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We aren't suggesting you cancel your vacation, hire additional staff and remove the locks from the doors. The Internet and social media are vital components of setting your company apart from others today. 

To meet your needs, we would like to introduce the "Digital Refresh" package. This package is highly customizable to meet your specific needs and budget. We want to help you grow your business, maximizing your online presence. Whether your company needs a website or just a new look; help with social media or even managing these networks for you; we want to help! Check out what we have been able to do for Vero Pizza. Their website see's plenty of visitors each day, and their social media pages buzz with activity. Why not give us a call or send an email and let's talk about what we can do for your brand.

Digital Refresh (Standard Package)

  • Website (re)Design
  • Social Media Setup/Strategy
  • Promotional Video
  • Complete Imaging

True to Taste

True to taste, Vero Pizza is an award pizza restaurant and more located in Plainville, Connecticut. More than a client, Marius has become a dear friend and champion of our work. We love to work at Vero as it means we get to sample their latest culinary creations in addition to filming. This video was created to serve as an internet advert on their website and maybe more in the future. We feel this represents a potential model for other restaurants and hope to work with many more in the future. If you own a restaurant or have a friend who does, share this with them and we'd love to talk about options.

RCCM Inc. Update

RCCM Inc. is a client we have a long standing relationship with and love to work with them. As one of the premiere custom home builders in Fairfield County (Connecticut) they have some stunning homes for us to capture and share. This video is an update on a house, now nearing completion, in Greenwich. It is a stunning Georgian Colonial with no detail left untouched. This video is shot as construction was ongoing. 

Napotnik Welding Supply

We were hired by Napotnik Welding to create a video for their newest venture Napotnik Welding Supply. Napotnik Welding was started in 1963 by Jacob Napotnik and has grown from those humble beginnings into one of the leading welding/fabrication shops in the eastern United States. Already having a long standing relationship with many industrial partners, Norman Napotnik (Jacob's son and current CEO) decided "to satisfy [his] customers even better than they were being satisfied in the past." Hence the birth of Napotnik Welding supply; a one-stop shop for all your welding/fabrication tools, materials and supplies.

This was a fun project for us as we were able to use our aerial camera setups a great deal, even inside the facility to provide unique views. Norm and his staff were great to work with and made the shooting a breeze. They had a quite a list of items and shots they wanted to incorporate in this video. It tells more than just what the shop is, it tells you who the shop is and why you can trust them.


Mixing business with pleasure...

What happens when you give two tired videographers a UTV, acres of flat, open field, and a Dji helicopter?  



Backstory. We just finished shooting the Napotnik Welding Supply video, it was around 4pm, and we were exhausted. The day started at 5:30am shooting flyovers of the facility, a long day of shooting interviews and product shots followed. 

The family we were staying with had acre upon acre of open field, as well as an awesome Gator..... so naturally races between the helicopter and the UTV ensued. This video is the GoPro's point of view.

I could honestly say it was some of the most fun I've ever had. Who said mixing business with pleasure was wrong...